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Global Coalition for Environmental Cooperation

GCEC is an activism and non-government organization in the global environmental education and protection.

For the situation of the world environmental protection, GCEC have carried out a series of research and promotion work, which completely services for the public environmental education. GCEC encourage the environmental activists of all the countries and areas, especially in the Asia-Pacific region where the economy just develop rapidly, to strengthen the environmental education and promotion work, and guide the environmental activists of the world to carry out the environmental work in the market and spread area, and furthermore fulfill the aim of environmental protection by enhancing the public environmental awareness. Environmental protection is no national limits. GCEC take into account the environmental problem that the public pay attention to. GCEC emphasis the individual action on environmental protection, call for green expense and environmental protection and hope to associate with the environmental activists of the world. What』s more, GCEC would like to offer the long-term and systemic environmental education activities for the public in the proper way.

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