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Resource Centre is a search engine, you can simply enter the center, you can find all kinds of environmental information, product images and contact businesses. You can right click on the link related products can find out with this product and related information. You can also enter the company name, for a company's environmental products!

If you are a member of the Company, you can use your Home users who are signed to modify your information, you can also publish information on the company has done all kinds of operations, Add / Remove products, or even add new products.

The system is under testing. you're welcome to give valuable advice!


Hongkong Federation of Environmental Protection (HKFEP)
Tel:(852)27508567   Fax:(852)27504617   E-mail:hkfep@HKFEP.com
ADD:8/F,Tak Lee Commercial Building,113-117 Wanchai Road,Hong Kong