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About Us


  • Hongkong Federation of Environmental Protection (HKFEP) is a non-profit and professional organization with the aims of improving the public awareness of Hongkong, uniting different sectors of society in conserving the environment of Hong Kong, promoting green consumerism in the region, drawing the attention of society stratum on the importance of conservation and encouraging their participation. And HKFEP will spare no effort on the transformation of Hong Kong into a clean, comfortable and green home.

Tenet & Ideal:

  • To Promote Environmantal Protection by Our Efforts.

Our Goals:

  • To Conserve Much Cleaner and Better Environment for Next.
  • To Save the Wealth for Human.

Our Management:

  • Open and Professional.

Our Slogan:

  • Greenness is Required by the Quality of Life.Environmental.
  • Protection is Relied On Public Participation.

Mission, Belief and Purpose:

  • Mission: To Integrate Environmantal Consideration into the daily life.
  • Belief: Public Participation is the Key to Success in Environmental Conservation.
  • Purpose: Environmental Protection is Centered for the Public.

Capital Source:

  • 1、 Sponsorship from the government and relevant bodies;
  • 2、 Funds raised from members;
  • 3、Certification and renewal fees from the Hong Kong Eco-label Scheme;
  • 4、 Sponsorship generated from promotional campaigns;
  • 5、Research funds from relevant organizations.

Our Tasks:

  • 1、Provide local and overseas enterprises with updated environmental information, assist them in improving their environmental performance, and advise the future development of environmental protection in Hong Kong.
  • 2、Foster the development of the Hong Kong Eco-label Scheme, and on the basis of the Scheme, promote green consumerism in Hong Kong and draw the attention of various section of society on the importance of conservation and encourage their participation.
  • 3、Support environmental activities, foster the development of the conservation of local environment, co-organize a series of environmental activities with different sectors of the community, and support the environmental plans advocated by countries around the globe. The aim of the environmental activities is to raise the standard of civil education of the public. Participants will feel more comfortable in their daily lives because of improvements in the environment, and thus realize that conservation will make their homes better. Through the activities and projects of the Federation, it is hoped that the community will learn of the merits of conservation, follow the global environmental trend, take active part in conservation and establish a green image for Hong Kong.
  • 4、Facilitate research projects in local environmental technology.
  • 5、Strengthen international co-operation and share environmental experience with different countries and regions in the world, establish and strengthen the connections with the environmental authorities in mainland China, and foster cross-border environmental co-operation.
Hongkong Federation of Environmental Protection (HKFEP)
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